Hacienda Venecia

Hacienda Venecia is a big-hitting heavyweight in Coffee Zone tourism. It is included in our portfolio as a destination in its own right. 

Imagine if you can a beautiful coffee hacienda set in stunning secluded grounds and plunging hills. Now imagine it is also is the home of a large scale coffee processing facility. Finally imagine bringing those two elements together, wrapping it up in slick management, and creating an authentic coffee experience and relaxing stay all in one. That is Hacienda Venecia.

Located a short distance from Manizales, Hacienda Venecia is our suggestion for those wanting to visit the northern end of the coffee zone.

The hacienda offers communal style dining, everyone eats the same meal at the same time. Expect freshly prepared Colombian farmhouse staples. Beverages are available around the clock with an honesty bar system in place.

Hacienda Venecia is not available for families travelling with children under the age of 12.


Hacienda Venecia is a short drive from La Nubia Airport in Manizales and is also ideal for those wanting to arrive overland from Medellín for a taste of the Coffee Zone within a short timescale.

Whilst there you can prebook as much or as little as you wish. The hacienda has its own coffee tour which runs daily, you can add on yoga or other activities and destinations in the area.

At Hacienda Venecia you are ideally situated to include our Rio Blanco birdwatching tour in your plan, or for the fit and headstrong, our full day trek to Nevado Santa Isabel. If you prefer to wind down then simply enjoy the grounds and tranquility.

For those that have time to venture south then Hacienda Venecia is also an ideal stop off on the way to Salento and Cocora.


The price shown on this page is per person for a two night break based on two adults sharing a twin or double room in the main farmhouse. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Other meals and drinks, and any additional services requested from Hacienda Venecia are paid locally.

The price listed does not include the cost of getting there, any additional activities and excursions or onward travel to other destinations.

Please use our contact form to talk to us about including Hacienda Venecia in your Colombia tour.

Cocora and Los Nevados 3-day treks

Three days, three tours and three options for combining the majestic and otherworldly Parque de los Nevados with the spectacular Valle del Cocora. These tours are not for the faint-hearted. All options will place demands on your fitness but you will be rewarded with incredible landscapes and vistas, not to mention a sense of achievement at the end of your trek.

These tours all commence in the accessible town of Salento and can be undertaken as a standalone tour or included within a feature packed tour of the Coffee Zone or indeed an extended tour of Colombia. We can readily transport you to Salento to commence your tour if you are staying in hotels or family-owned fincas in Risaralda or Quindío.


We offer three different options for three-day treks in Cocora and Nevado del Quindío.  All programmes are 3 days and 2 nights. All overnight accommodation is based in remote simple family-owned posadas.

Paramillo del Quindío

El Paramillo del Quindío is one of the highest peaks in the Los Nevados National Park. Reaching 4750 metres above sea-level. It is located at the southern end of the park.

Day 1. Valle del Cocora to La Primavera 17km

Your tour will commence in the Cocora Valley after transferring there from Salento. After 8-9 hours of walking through various ecosystems, the Cocora Valley itself and forested mountainsides, you will reach La Primavera at an altitude of 3850 metres above sea-level. Overnight stop in a country house.

Day 2. La Primavera to Cima Paramillo Quindío 18km

On your second day you will cross ancient ancestral walkways that have remained virtually unchanged for centuries. You will pass through unique páramo landscapes and eventually reach El Paramillo del Quindío. After visiting El Paramillo del Quindío you will return to La Primavera to relax and share experiences in the farmhouse’s kitchen.

Day 3. La Primavera to Valle del Cocora 19km

The third and final day of the walk offers you an alternative route back to Cocora from La Primavera. En-route you will stop at Finca La Argentina for lunch with another mountain family. The estimated end time is 5pm


Minimum altitude: 2390 metres above sea-level

Maximum altitude: 4750 metres above sea-level

Total walking distance: 54km

Trek Grade: Demanding. Medium-high altitude and some tough ascents.

Glaciar Shimmer, Nevado del Tolima

El Nevado del Tolima is a stratovolcano located in the southern part of the Los Nevados National Park. The volcano’s last major eruption was almost 3600 years ago. Minor eruptions took place in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The last being in 1943. At an altitude of 5215 metres above sea-level it is the third highest volcano in Colombia.

In a three day trek that takes you to the edge of Glaciar Shimmer, you will walk through an impressive páramo landscape, one of the most beautiful and important ecosystems in The Andes. This landscape renowned for its ability to produce water is only found above the Andean forest line and below the limits of the snowy peaks.

Day 1. Valle del Cocora to La Primavera 17km

Your tour starts with a 6.30am breakfast in Salento followed by a transfer to the Cocora Valley. You will ascend through cloud forests until you reach the páramo, finally arriving at La Primavera, your resting place for the night.

Day 2. La Primavera to Glaciar Shimmer 21km

Your second day starts earlier, you have more distance to cover and some steep ascents leading up to the Helipuerto sector. With a final ascent towards the edge of Glaciar Shimmer you will have reached your maximum altitude of 5000 metres above sea-level.

Day 3. La Primavera to Valle del Cocora 19km

The third and final day of the trek takes you back to Cocora via a different route to afford you new panoramas of the ecosystem. Anticipated finish time is 5pm back in Salento


Minimum altitude: 2390 metres above sea-level

Maximum altitude: 5000 metres above sea-level

Total walking distance: 57km

Trek Grade: Demanding. Medium-high altitude and some tough ascents.

The Andes and its Communities

The shortest and most laid-back of these three trek options, the trek remains primarily within the Andean forests and affords the participants the chance to connect with ancient customs and traditions. Follow old and well trodden paths through stunning landscapes. Admire El Paramillo de Quindío from farther afield and spend evenings in friendly family fincas high up in the hills.

Day 1. Valle del Cocora to Finca Argentina 9km

Every day of your tour starts with breakfast. On the first day after breakfast you will commence a 5 hours walk to the country house Finca Argentina where you can relax for the remainder of the evening

Day 2. Finca La Argentina to La Primavera 8km

A second leisurely day of trekking will see you ascend to 4200 metres above sea-level where a rest break at a lookout will be programmed for you to enjoy views of El Paramillo del Quindío. From this point you begin your descent towards La Primavera, relaxing once again in the friendly ambience of a family farmhouse.

Day 3. La Primavera to Valle del Cocora 19km

You will be expected to up your pace for day three because it is by far the longest day of walking. You will descend back to the Cocora Valley with an anticipated finish time is 5pm back in Salento


Minimum altitude: 2390 metres above sea-level

Maximum altitude: 4200 metres above sea-level

Total walking distance: 36km

Trek Grade: Moderate. Medium altitude


The package price shown on this page is based on a party of 4 people and includes the following

  • Transfers from and back to Salento or accommodation in Armenia, Pereira, Quimbaya, Filandia or The Colombian Way preferred fincas
  • Professional Spanish speaking mountain guide for the duration of the trek
  • Overnight accommodation each night in family run farmhouses
  • All meals, snacks and drinks
  • Entrance to the Los Nevados National Park

Use our contact forms for more information or to begin planning your Cocora and Nevados trek


Bogotá is the capital, international metropolis and cultural melting pot of Colombia. The city suffered for many years due to rapid population expansion. Then from the mid 1990’s onwards, with a bit of political will from the mayor, and financial resources from the central government, huge leaps forward were made in terms of Bogotá’s infrastructure, cleanliness, safety and general outlook. Part of this concerted development was the implementation of the city’s TransMilenio system, a modern and innovative bus rapid transport system whose success and economy has been copied by many other cities.

Bogotá is described by many as the Athens of Latin America, mainly because of the large number of universities and libraries. Bogotá is also Colombia’s main cultural centre, hosting events such as the annual theatre festival and Rock en Parque, a free open concert held once a year which lasts several days and takes place in the leafy Parque Simon Bolívar.

Bogotá boasts an incredible night life, with an international bar scene, gourmet restaurants and many nightclubs which regularly attract international DJs.

The city is the starting point for many travellers on their journey through Colombia. The El Dorado airport is the largest in the country and offers flights to and from Europe with Lufthansa, Avianca, Iberia and Air France,  connections to the USA with American Airlines, Continental, LAN, Avianca, JetBlue & Spirit and connections to the rest of Latin America with Avianca, LAN, TACA, TAM, Aerogal and Copa Colombia.

We recommend you to book a hotel in the colonial town of La Candelaria. The Candelaria is the heart of the city’s oldest neighborhood. Chorro de Quevedo perched at the top of La Candelaria is the place where the city was founded. In recent years, numerous hotels have been built in old colonial style houses and art deco buildings.

La Candelaria is also home to the outstanding Museum of Fernando Botero. One of the most important art collections in Latin America. The nearby Plaza Santander is where the impressive gold museum is found, this has been beautifully refurbished and offers not only a fascinating insight into the history of the Colombia, but also a glimpse into primitive metallurgy.

Of course we also organize modern hotels in the north if that is your travelling style. With or without airport transfers.

Bogotá features in most of our Colombia trips, if you are just passing through then be sure to make the most of your time there. At the very least go to the top of Monserrate by cable car, funicular or footpath and take in the incredible views of the city.

Gastronauts should consider a visit to the quirky restaurant “Andres Carne de Res”. The old restaurant is found in the suburb of Chía, or it has a new sister restaurant in the Zona Rosa. A comical, boozy and perfectly Colombian night awaits you.

Business travel

Bogotá is also Colombia’s principal destination for business travellers. We are happy to organise hotels in Bogotá’s business districts for you and to arrange secure airport transfers and car services. We hope that you will also have a chance to see the city if you are lucky enough to have some downtime.


Bogotá offers numerous sightseeing opportunities, we’d recommend a city tour around La Candelaria, the imposing Plaza Bolívar and the capital’s most important museums. Following the walking tour a trip to El Cerro de Monserrate to take in the view of the city. Traditional Colombian dining options are available both in the old town and atop Monserrate. A city tour takes from 5 hours to a whole day.

For the visitor with an interest in architecture and Colombia’s recent violent history we can offer a city tour with an architectural bent. The post-modern and art deco infill willingly tell tales of more turbulent times during the Bogotazo and the ensuing Violencia. The casual visitor is unlikely to know that Le Corbusier left his thumbprint all over Bogotá with his masterplan for reconstruction and his work with Rogelio Salmona.

Also high on your list of must visit places is Bogotá’s Botanical Garden, a tranquil haven betwixt the grey of the city that replicates all of Colombia’s many climates and plant habitats

In the vicinity of Bogotá we also offer a broad selection of day trips, for example the Sacred Laguna of Guatavita, a spectacular lake nestled in a lanscape that resembles a volcanic crater. Nearby the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, a huge cathedral built within a former salt mine. Want to know more about the salt mines? Then a visit to the spectacular Salt Mines of Nemocón must surely be on your itinerary too.

For nature lovers we recommend a trip to the Cloud Forest of Chicaque, a nature park just beyond Bogotá’s Soacha district, an ideal place for a light to moderate trek or horse riding. Or visit one of the local Andean Páramo landscapes in either Sumapaz or Chingaza, both of which can be visited in one day from your base in Bogotá.

For the adventure traveller, river rafting, rappel and paragliding are also available within the vicinity of Bogotá, or perhaps you would like to brush up your rock climbing skills at an indoor wall before heading on to more challenging climbs elsewhere in Colombia. If you are a solo traveller, we organise active hikes each and every Sunday offering you the chance to not only get to know some of Cundinamarca’s most impressive landscapes but also to meet like-minded people.

For those interested in knowing where their morning cup of coffee starts life, nearby Fusagasuga is home to one of Colombia’s finest coffee haciendas, it is a wonderfully preserved working coffee farm where you will receive an introduction to the world of coffee cultivation

Prefer to take things a little easier? Then check out the thermal baths at Choachí, or add the thermal baths on to the end of a hike to the country’s highest waterfall in the Choachí valley

Still awake after all that? Then ask us to take you on a nightlife tour in the centre, the north or the Chapinero district

Please use our contact form and let us know exactly what you want to see. We can organize your stay in Bogotá for you any which way you like. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Coffee Zone

The Coffee Zone is considered by many travellers to be the most beautiful region of the country, with its mild spring-like climate year round, friendly people and breathtaking natural beauty. The people in the region have a unique laid back charm, the hustle and bustle of the big cities is readily forgotten, hospitality and friendship take on a new meaning, there is always time for a coffee, or a beer and a chat.

Charming small towns such as Salento, Marsella and Filandia are the cornerstones of the Coffee Zone, the major cities of Manizales, Armenia and Pereira serve mainly as a starting point for your exploration of the region.

We recommend staying at one of the many coffee farms, these fincas are old, authentic working coffee producing smallholdings, many of which have been adapted to welcome guests. Virtually all of the villas on such farms have swimming pools, ideal if you want to take a break from the programme for a couple of days, relax in the sunshine, take in the views and the nature and breathe the fresh air.

Take this opportunity to learn more about how your morning coffee begins its journey from the lush hillsides of the area, learn about how it is picked, sorted and dried before being shipped for export. The vast green landscapes also make the perfect backdrop for hiking and horse riding.

Your trip will start by road or plane to Armenia, Manizales or Pereira. We will organise your trip according to your personal wishes, but relatively speaking, the distances within the coffee zone are all short so any one of the major cities is an ideal starting point, and from any of the cities you can visit all of the main attractions.

Whether a visit to the magnificent Thermal Springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal, the spectacular Cocora Valley, a visit to a typically simple coffee processing plant or an outing in one of the area’s famous Willys Jeeps.

The Coffee Zone even has something for the foodies and gastronauts. Salento is famed for its delicious river trout which can be prepared in a variety of ways and enjoyed in the quaint independent restaurants in the town. Santa Rosa de Cabal is well known for its local recipe chorizos which are available at the roadside fresh from the kitchen and eaten accompanied by the typical arepa.


  • The climate is mild, the days are warm but the evenings can turn cooler. You should pack lightweight layers of clothing and waterproofs
  • Be aware that the terrain can be challenging and you are at altitude. We do not recommend entering the Cocora valley without a local guide, there are no defined walkways and low lying mists can easily cause you to lose your bearings.


An ideal trip to the Coffee Zone should be at least 4 days. For a typical itinerary in the coffee zone, please visit our Short coffee tours. For tours based around Manizales, consider Hacienda Venecia as your destination.

We can organize your flights for you with one of the national carriers and pick-up from the airport to take you to your finca. We offer authentic fincas each with their own charisma and facilities. We personally know all of them and whatever you choose and regardless of your budget, you will receive a warm welcome, be in an excellent location and you will enjoy truly charming homestyle accommodation.

We offer a range of attractive programmes tailored to your budget, the amount of relaxation time you want and your willingness to tackle physical challenges. A visit to Salento or Filandia for example, both charming villages full of colourful facades, traditional architecture and friendly faces.

Salento is the perfect starting point for your visit to Cocora. A stunning valley running between the Andean peaks of the coffee zone noted for its unique wax palms, the world’s highest palm trees. We offer guided walks through Cocora, returning to Salento or continuing through the forests and onwards to the nature reserve of Acaime. An excellent location for ornithologists and  wildlife photographers hoping to spot some of the local hummingbirds and barranqueros.

For hardcore birding, consider including a guided trip to Río Blanco in your itinerary.

We also offer visits to San Alberto, Recuca or Hacienda Venecia. Typical coffee estates where the coffee production process is explained. Depending on your wishes, you might also want to include a horse ride at Finca El Carmelo, mountain biking at Pueblo Tapao, river rafting on the Rio Vieja or a visit to the Mariposario butterfly garden of Armenia.

We’d urge you to pay a visit to the thermal springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal with its picture postcard location beneath a towering waterfall. The ideal relaxing day out away from it all, you can really pamper yourself because the complex also has its own spa.

Don’t like relaxation? Then consider an ascent to the top of Nevado Santa Isabel or one of our 3 day Los Nevados treks starting in the Cocora Valley

The Coffee Zone is the ideal area for families, it offers plenty of space on the farms and affords the visitor a huge variety of activity options.


The price shown on this page is our best deal for the Coffee Zone and represents a 3 day/2 night hotel break in a charming colonial hotel in Salento. The price is per person based on two adults sharing a double room. Salento is ideally located for visiting many attractions in the Coffee Zone, including the spectacular Cocora Valley.

Other accommodation options, activities and private transfer services will be priced accordingly.

Please use our contact form to tell us exactly how you want your visit to the Coffee Zone to be organised.


Jardín is the small Antioquia town that everyone is talking about.

Jardín, more correctly known as El Jardín is an authentic Antioquia town approximately 4 hours by road from Medellín. But what is it about the town that is caputuring the imagination of so many travellers?

Perhaps it is the imposing neo gothic church La Basilica Menor de la Inmaculada Concepción that towers over the main plaza, or how about the café culture? Jardín is the only town we know of in Colombia with such an abundance of cafés, bars and restaurants surrounding its plaza. Jardín is the perfect place to wile away the hours with a beer or a tinto and simply watch life pass by.

Perhaps visitors are drawn by its kaleidescope of colours, alongside Guatapé, also in Antioquia, Jardín vies for the crown of Colombia’s most colourful town with its brightly painted tables, cowhide chairs and colourwashed façades.

Is it the coffee? Well arriving to Jardín could hardly be more spectacular as it is nestled in plunging landscapes dotted with coffee plants and deep ravines.

For us it is all of the above, combined with Jardín’s welcoming residents. Jardín for us is simply the most fun, happy, colourful, relaxed little town we know of in Colombia. Go there without a plan, don’t worry about filling your time there, it is the perfect destination to go to, go with the flow, relax and enjoy.


Jardín is a must, but it is somewhat of a long return trip from Medellín to undertake in just one day. It is possible, but we recommend you take in Jardin’s ambience by spending at least a night there. We can either organise private transport or steer you in the direction of a dependable bus company to take you there from Medellín.

Although an unconventional route, Jardín is on Antioquia’s border with Risaralda so for the independent minded traveller, we can readily organise an itinerary that reaches Jardín from the Coffee Zone.

Once in Jardín, we can organise activities on your behalf such as tours of the local area, a visit to Cueva de Esplendor or a trip through a mountain pass to Estadero el Arka. Of course in the finest tradition of this little town, you could take a break from a hectic itinerary and simply relax with the locals in one of the many bars and restaurants surrounding the plaza.


Jardín is a top birdwatching destination, in this destination a specialist birding guide is available with expert knowledge of the local birdlife.


The price shown on this page represents our best deal for Jardín and is per person based on 2 adults sharing a double room for two nights on a bed and breakfast basis in our preferred hotel in Jardín. Additional guided tours, birdwatching guides and day excursions are available on request.


Medellin is still to a degree associated with the notoriety it earnt in the 1980s and 1990s when it seemed to deign to be the Chicago of Colombia. A glitzy but dangerous gangster metropolis ruled by the ruthless drug lord Pablo Escobar, head of the Medellín cartel. Medellín started afresh on 2 December 1993 when Escobar was purused and shot dead atop the city’s roofs on his 43rd birthday.

From thereon and going forwards, Medellín has done much to shake off it cocaine reputation. Medelín’s people, the Paisas are enterprising, courteous and astute business people with a great deal of ambition. To a degree Medellín’s rapid development over the last 20 years can be attributed to the motivation of its people.

Medellín for example is the only Colombian city with a metro system, having two lines running through the town, the metro system also extends up to the hillsides into poorer neighbourhoods by means of an interconnecting cable car system.

In 2013, Medellín beat off stiff competition from Tel Aviv and New York to be recognised by Citibank, The Wall Street Journal and The Urban Land Institute as the world’s most innovative city.

The city is home to many of Colombia’s major events and festivals, for example the annual fashion show Colombiamoda where Colombia’s national fashion industry shows off its finest skills in order to woo international buyers. Colombia has a very well respected textiles industry and Medellín is its centre.

Add to this one of the country’s most spectacular festivals, the Feria de las Flores, the centrepiece of Paisa culture since 1957. The festival boasts many performances and parades, the highlight being the “Parada de los silleteros.” For several days Medellín immerses itself in colourful and riotous fun where the local firewater “Aguardiente Antioqueño” flows freely.

We can organise your trip for you to witness Medellín’s boldest statement of extravagance and joy. Pueblito Paisa is dedicated to celebrating Paisa culture and is included in our City Tours of Medellín. The area around Medellín is also steeped in Paisa culture, villages such as Santa Fé de Antioquia still have wonderfully preserved colonial architecture and beautiful features. Nearby there is also the country’s longest suspension bridge which crosses the Rio Cauca.

The town of Guatape boasts El Peñon, a towering monilith which can be scaled via steps built into the rock, from the top you can see a phenomenal landscape if interwoven lakes. You can also visit a small farmers’ village where they make the noted cows’ hide shoulder bags called “Carieles” We will happily organise your visit to any of these sites according to your wishes.


We can organise your tour including flights into one of Medellín’s two airports, transfers, accomodation and all excursions.

Like many Latin American cities, the centre is less pleasant than some of the newer neighbourhoods. Whilst Plaza Botero is a must-see site, you should exercise caution if you are planning on visiting in the after dark. For this reason we will normally arrange your accomodation in the an upscale neighbourhood such as Laureles. Nearby Poblado and its Parque Lleras is the heart of Medellín nightlife more respresentative of the modern Medellín.

To start your trip, we offer a guided tour of the Plaza Botero, Pueblito Paisa and the Museo de Antioquia.

If you want to see the real Medellín then a ride on the cable car to see the view over the city is included in all of our city tours.

There are also various excursions we can include in your programme, for example a visit to Santa Fé de Antioquia, the former capital of the department of Antioquia. In Santa Fé we can also offer an overnight stay in one of the many colonial hotels.

Visit the magnificent Puente de Occidente which spans the Rio Cauca. Or perhaps visit some of the smallhold farmers around Medellín. For spectacular views and landscapes we can include Guatapé and El Peñol to see the interlocking lakes.

Medellín is perhaps best known for its incredible nightlife such as Mangos discoteque for the ultimate in partying. Medellín is a large cosmopolitan city and the opportunities there are virtually infinite.

Please use our contact form to tell us exactly what you want to see and do in Medellín.

San Gil and Barichara

San Gil and Barichara are a small town (San Gil) and a perfectly preserved colonial village (Barichara) Located in the Santander department they are a mere 45 minutes from each other which is why it is uncommon to visit one without also visiting the other.

Both locations are easily reached from Bogotá in about 5 hours by bus or by air from Bogotá to Bucaramanga.

San Gil is the undisputed Colombian capital of adventure sports and this picturesque region offers Colombia’s broadest variety of activities. We will organise your accommodation in one of our favourite hotels located just outside of San Gil. The hotel has a large garden with a swimming pool, the perfect place to relax between your activites and the ideal setting to enjoy the warm climate of the region.

You really are spoilt in the area when it comes to activities, choose from cycling tours, walking tours such as the Juan Curi waterfall, river rafting, kayaking, paragliding, cave tours and much more.

Approximately 45 minutes from San Gil is Barichara, unofficially Colombia’s most beautiful village. It has friendly welcoming people and magnificent houses, some of which have been converted into charming hotels.

On the route to Bucaramanga is the impressive Chicamocha Gorge where we offer paragliding, do a tandem jump with your instructor into this fantastic canyon.

If you also want to visit Bucaramanga it makes sense to fly there from Bogotá, also in the near vicinity we recommend the village of Girón, a small colonial village.


An ideal trip to this area would be 4 to 6 days, but for those on tight schedules, a shorter visit is also worthwhile.

We can arrange your travel there, Villa de Leyva offers the perfect change to break up the journey from Bogotá. Which hotels we recommend for you in San Gil and Barichara depends on which activities you choose to incorporate into your trip as some of them are better located for certain adventures and outings.

San Gil is all about adventure, river rafting on the Rio Suarez is one of the most popular activities to include in your trip, it lends itself very well to San Gil’s warm climate. Or join a bike tour to San Jose del Valle, a charming village located close to the river.

For the headstrong we recommend paragliding in the spectacular Chichamora Gorge with an experienced instructor. Another possibility for the adrenaline junkie in you is to go underground with half day of caving.

Whatever you choose, you should not miss the Juan Curi waterfall, one of the regions most stunning natural landmarks. You should also try to incorporate the Parque Gallineral, a beautiful park located right on the river.

You cannot go to San Gil and without paying a visit to Barichara, we can arrange your accommodation there in one of the authentic colonial hotels. Barichara itself offers a beautiful hike along the Camino Real up to Guane a quiet and unspoilt village.

If you have time to spare we can also organise a visit to Girón, a small village close to Bucaramanga which also has some charming hotels to offer, from there we can organise your flights back to Bogotá.

This region offers almost unlimited combinations of accommodation and activities, contact us to let us know how you want to get the most out of San Gil and Barichara.


Beautiful Tobia is often overlooked and under-visited but it is a firm favourite of The Colombian Way. Consider it Cundinamarca’s adventure playground, and at an altitude of only 650m it is an ideal place to escape to from Bogotá with its average 25ºC temperatures.

Located close to La Vega in the province of Gualivá, a short 74km from Bogotá, Tobia is the ideal retreat for a couple of days. Nestled in a green wooded valley the town and its surrounding fincas are a mecca for adventure sports including rafting, kayaking, rappel, canopy, mountain biking and more.

What makes Tobia an ideal sporting destination is the Rio Negro which runs straight by the village. The village also has great tourism infrastructure built around its outdoor activities, great walks, nice restaurants and superb fincas.

Tobia’s low elevation and warm climate mean you will be exposed to a whole new world of tropical plants and bird species.


You leave Bogotá either with private transport that we can arrange for you or on a public bus from either the Terminal de Transportes or Estación Calle 80. We recommend two nights in Tobia and your accommodation will be in an idyllic finca next to the Rio Negro.

Your finca has simple accommodation, al fresco dining an outdoor kitchen and a great relaxation area to wile away the warm hours in a hammock. Breakfast will be served each morning in the garden and you can decide which of the outdoor activities appeal to your tastes.

Your programme also includes 2 activities, rafting down the rapids of Rio Negro and rappel

In your free time, be sure to take a walk into Tobia village for lunch and to amble alongside the river.

Price includes

When you see a price on our website then it is a real trip or tour that can be booked, not an unrealistically low price to lure you into contacting us. Our company policy is that for each and every tour we identify exactly what is included in the stated price.

The price stated on this page includes the following

  • Two nights accommodation in a riverside finca
  • Breakfast and evening meal each day
  • Two activities, rafting and rappel

The price does NOT include

  • Private transfers or public bus fares

Use our contact form to enquire about your trip to Tobia

Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is a stunning colonial village which lies only 3 short hours away from Bogotá and is a must-see site to visit from the capital.

It boasts beautiful well preserved colonial buildings, excellent restaurants, and pleasant peaceful people enjoying the leisurely atmosphere.

The impressive central plaza is the largest in Latin America and expands to a total area of 14,000m². There are always festivals and activities in the town including the Dragon Fly festival and artesan markets. Director Werner Herzog used Villa de Leyva as the setting for the movie Cobra Verde starring Klaus Kinski.

Villa de Leyva is the perfect destination to escape from the hustle and bustle of Bogotá for a day or two, a real gem for those that want to travel through time and see some immaculate colonial architecture. Since 1954 Villa de Leyva has been a national monument.

The village is quieter during the week and at the weekend it fills up with visitors from Bogotá, a weekday visit is perfect for relaxing a little and visiting all of the historic sites without the crowds.

Not only is the village interesting but there are also some fascinating sights within easy reach. El Fossil or El Infiernito are interesting from an archaeological perspective, equally interesting is the landscape of El Paramo de Iguaque, possible as a day tour from Villa de Leyva.

Travelling from Bogotá to Villa de Leyva it is easy to include the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá or the Laguna de Guatavita in your outbound or return trip.


We recommend that you spend 2 nights in Villa de Leyva, but of course a trip of two days and one night is also possible.

Departing from Bogotá you stop first at the Salt Cathedral of sacred Zipaquirá or the Laguna de Guatavita (or you can visit one outbound and one on your return)

We offer hotels in the colonial part of the village or just outside of the village, both are charming and in a small town like Villa de Leyva, even when located just outside the town you are still only a few minutes walk away from the plaza.

On day 2 we recommend you visit some of the sites of interest in Villa de Leyva’s surroundings, be it on foot, horseback or by car. You might want to check out El Fossil or El Infiernito an ancient Muísca fertility park with giant stone penises. We can also include horse trekking, quad biking, mountain biking in the desert, kayaking, abseiling a canyon or whatever activity you want to personalise your Villa de Leyva experience.

Perhaps a visit to El Ecce Homo is a delightful convent with stunning colonial architecture or for nature lovers we suggest the Cascada de la Periquera a 15m waterfall. If you want a full day programme then we recommend the Paramo de Iguaque a high altitude wildlife sanctuary.

For those that like to live on the edge, the Paso de Ángel walk offers a footpath that narrows to 40cm with a fall of 150m on either side,

We offer a range of accomodation in Villa de Leyva, from luxury hotels to fincas to backpacker hostels. Get in touch with us and let us know exactly how you would like your Villa de Leyva package. We will happily plan it all for you from start to finish meaning all that you need to do is enjoy yourself.