Hacienda Venecia

Hacienda Venecia is a big-hitting heavyweight in Coffee Zone tourism. It is included in our portfolio as a destination in its own right. 

Imagine if you can a beautiful coffee hacienda set in stunning secluded grounds and plunging hills. Now imagine it is also is the home of a large scale coffee processing facility. Finally imagine bringing those two elements together, wrapping it up in slick management, and creating an authentic coffee experience and relaxing stay all in one. That is Hacienda Venecia.

Located a short distance from Manizales, Hacienda Venecia is our suggestion for those wanting to visit the northern end of the coffee zone.

The hacienda offers communal style dining, everyone eats the same meal at the same time. Expect freshly prepared Colombian farmhouse staples. Beverages are available around the clock with an honesty bar system in place.

Hacienda Venecia is not available for families travelling with children under the age of 12.


Hacienda Venecia is a short drive from La Nubia Airport in Manizales and is also ideal for those wanting to arrive overland from Medellín for a taste of the Coffee Zone within a short timescale.

Whilst there you can prebook as much or as little as you wish. The hacienda has its own coffee tour which runs daily, you can add on yoga or other activities and destinations in the area.

At Hacienda Venecia you are ideally situated to include our Rio Blanco birdwatching tour in your plan, or for the fit and headstrong, our full day trek to Nevado Santa Isabel. If you prefer to wind down then simply enjoy the grounds and tranquility.

For those that have time to venture south then Hacienda Venecia is also an ideal stop off on the way to Salento and Cocora.


The price shown on this page is per person for a two night break based on two adults sharing a twin or double room in the main farmhouse. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Other meals and drinks, and any additional services requested from Hacienda Venecia are paid locally.

The price listed does not include the cost of getting there, any additional activities and excursions or onward travel to other destinations.

Please use our contact form to talk to us about including Hacienda Venecia in your Colombia tour.

Cocora and Los Nevados 3-day treks

Three days, three tours and three options for combining the majestic and otherworldly Parque de los Nevados with the spectacular Valle del Cocora. These tours are not for the faint-hearted. All options will place demands on your fitness but you will be rewarded with incredible landscapes and vistas, not to mention a sense of achievement at the end of your trek.

These tours all commence in the accessible town of Salento and can be undertaken as a standalone tour or included within a feature packed tour of the Coffee Zone or indeed an extended tour of Colombia. We can readily transport you to Salento to commence your tour if you are staying in hotels or family-owned fincas in Risaralda or Quindío.


We offer three different options for three-day treks in Cocora and Nevado del Quindío.  All programmes are 3 days and 2 nights. All overnight accommodation is based in remote simple family-owned posadas.

Paramillo del Quindío

El Paramillo del Quindío is one of the highest peaks in the Los Nevados National Park. Reaching 4750 metres above sea-level. It is located at the southern end of the park.

Day 1. Valle del Cocora to La Primavera 17km

Your tour will commence in the Cocora Valley after transferring there from Salento. After 8-9 hours of walking through various ecosystems, the Cocora Valley itself and forested mountainsides, you will reach La Primavera at an altitude of 3850 metres above sea-level. Overnight stop in a country house.

Day 2. La Primavera to Cima Paramillo Quindío 18km

On your second day you will cross ancient ancestral walkways that have remained virtually unchanged for centuries. You will pass through unique páramo landscapes and eventually reach El Paramillo del Quindío. After visiting El Paramillo del Quindío you will return to La Primavera to relax and share experiences in the farmhouse’s kitchen.

Day 3. La Primavera to Valle del Cocora 19km

The third and final day of the walk offers you an alternative route back to Cocora from La Primavera. En-route you will stop at Finca La Argentina for lunch with another mountain family. The estimated end time is 5pm


Minimum altitude: 2390 metres above sea-level

Maximum altitude: 4750 metres above sea-level

Total walking distance: 54km

Trek Grade: Demanding. Medium-high altitude and some tough ascents.

Glaciar Shimmer, Nevado del Tolima

El Nevado del Tolima is a stratovolcano located in the southern part of the Los Nevados National Park. The volcano’s last major eruption was almost 3600 years ago. Minor eruptions took place in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The last being in 1943. At an altitude of 5215 metres above sea-level it is the third highest volcano in Colombia.

In a three day trek that takes you to the edge of Glaciar Shimmer, you will walk through an impressive páramo landscape, one of the most beautiful and important ecosystems in The Andes. This landscape renowned for its ability to produce water is only found above the Andean forest line and below the limits of the snowy peaks.

Day 1. Valle del Cocora to La Primavera 17km

Your tour starts with a 6.30am breakfast in Salento followed by a transfer to the Cocora Valley. You will ascend through cloud forests until you reach the páramo, finally arriving at La Primavera, your resting place for the night.

Day 2. La Primavera to Glaciar Shimmer 21km

Your second day starts earlier, you have more distance to cover and some steep ascents leading up to the Helipuerto sector. With a final ascent towards the edge of Glaciar Shimmer you will have reached your maximum altitude of 5000 metres above sea-level.

Day 3. La Primavera to Valle del Cocora 19km

The third and final day of the trek takes you back to Cocora via a different route to afford you new panoramas of the ecosystem. Anticipated finish time is 5pm back in Salento


Minimum altitude: 2390 metres above sea-level

Maximum altitude: 5000 metres above sea-level

Total walking distance: 57km

Trek Grade: Demanding. Medium-high altitude and some tough ascents.

The Andes and its Communities

The shortest and most laid-back of these three trek options, the trek remains primarily within the Andean forests and affords the participants the chance to connect with ancient customs and traditions. Follow old and well trodden paths through stunning landscapes. Admire El Paramillo de Quindío from farther afield and spend evenings in friendly family fincas high up in the hills.

Day 1. Valle del Cocora to Finca Argentina 9km

Every day of your tour starts with breakfast. On the first day after breakfast you will commence a 5 hours walk to the country house Finca Argentina where you can relax for the remainder of the evening

Day 2. Finca La Argentina to La Primavera 8km

A second leisurely day of trekking will see you ascend to 4200 metres above sea-level where a rest break at a lookout will be programmed for you to enjoy views of El Paramillo del Quindío. From this point you begin your descent towards La Primavera, relaxing once again in the friendly ambience of a family farmhouse.

Day 3. La Primavera to Valle del Cocora 19km

You will be expected to up your pace for day three because it is by far the longest day of walking. You will descend back to the Cocora Valley with an anticipated finish time is 5pm back in Salento


Minimum altitude: 2390 metres above sea-level

Maximum altitude: 4200 metres above sea-level

Total walking distance: 36km

Trek Grade: Moderate. Medium altitude


The package price shown on this page is based on a party of 4 people and includes the following

  • Transfers from and back to Salento or accommodation in Armenia, Pereira, Quimbaya, Filandia or The Colombian Way preferred fincas
  • Professional Spanish speaking mountain guide for the duration of the trek
  • Overnight accommodation each night in family run farmhouses
  • All meals, snacks and drinks
  • Entrance to the Los Nevados National Park

Use our contact forms for more information or to begin planning your Cocora and Nevados trek

Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is a stunning colonial village which lies only 3 short hours away from Bogotá and is a must-see site to visit from the capital.

It boasts beautiful well preserved colonial buildings, excellent restaurants, and pleasant peaceful people enjoying the leisurely atmosphere.

The impressive central plaza is the largest in Latin America and expands to a total area of 14,000m². There are always festivals and activities in the town including the Dragon Fly festival and artesan markets. Director Werner Herzog used Villa de Leyva as the setting for the movie Cobra Verde starring Klaus Kinski.

Villa de Leyva is the perfect destination to escape from the hustle and bustle of Bogotá for a day or two, a real gem for those that want to travel through time and see some immaculate colonial architecture. Since 1954 Villa de Leyva has been a national monument.

The village is quieter during the week and at the weekend it fills up with visitors from Bogotá, a weekday visit is perfect for relaxing a little and visiting all of the historic sites without the crowds.

Not only is the village interesting but there are also some fascinating sights within easy reach. El Fossil or El Infiernito are interesting from an archaeological perspective, equally interesting is the landscape of El Paramo de Iguaque, possible as a day tour from Villa de Leyva.

Travelling from Bogotá to Villa de Leyva it is easy to include the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá or the Laguna de Guatavita in your outbound or return trip.


We recommend that you spend 2 nights in Villa de Leyva, but of course a trip of two days and one night is also possible.

Departing from Bogotá you stop first at the Salt Cathedral of sacred Zipaquirá or the Laguna de Guatavita (or you can visit one outbound and one on your return)

We offer hotels in the colonial part of the village or just outside of the village, both are charming and in a small town like Villa de Leyva, even when located just outside the town you are still only a few minutes walk away from the plaza.

On day 2 we recommend you visit some of the sites of interest in Villa de Leyva’s surroundings, be it on foot, horseback or by car. You might want to check out El Fossil or El Infiernito an ancient Muísca fertility park with giant stone penises. We can also include horse trekking, quad biking, mountain biking in the desert, kayaking, abseiling a canyon or whatever activity you want to personalise your Villa de Leyva experience.

Perhaps a visit to El Ecce Homo is a delightful convent with stunning colonial architecture or for nature lovers we suggest the Cascada de la Periquera a 15m waterfall. If you want a full day programme then we recommend the Paramo de Iguaque a high altitude wildlife sanctuary.

For those that like to live on the edge, the Paso de Ángel walk offers a footpath that narrows to 40cm with a fall of 150m on either side,

We offer a range of accomodation in Villa de Leyva, from luxury hotels to fincas to backpacker hostels. Get in touch with us and let us know exactly how you would like your Villa de Leyva package. We will happily plan it all for you from start to finish meaning all that you need to do is enjoy yourself.


Tierradentro is one of our favourite spots in the lush green Colombian south. Ideally located to combine with a visit to San Agustín, you can also reach Tierradentro from Neiva and Popayán.

The name Tierradentro was given to the region by the Spaniards and reflects its location in the in country’s interior surrounded by seemingly endless hills. The landscape is unique, rugged and seems to stretch for infinity.

At the bottom of the Tierradentro Valley is the small town of San Andres de Pisimbalá, a town inhabited by Paez Indians and people that have migrated to the town from other parts of the region. The focal point of the village is the beautiful church, a true mixture of cultures it boasts a Paez indian thatched roof and Spanish colonial whitewashed walls.

Outside the church is the village square where still to this day ancient punishments are meted out to those in the community that have embezzled, committed adultery or broken one of the community rules. Punishments are very infrequent but as a visitor you may just witness a whipping or more commonly, someone being hung upside down by their feet from wooden stocks. Whenever you visit though you will be able to see ancient punishment and torture devices in the Museum of Tierradentro.

With altitudes as low as 800 metres above sea level, many parts of the region enjoy warm temperate climates. The circular ecological walk to the underground tombs on a typical sunny day is one of Colombia’s most beautiful walks.

The archeological site itself is a UNESCO world heritage site composed of ancient tombs buried deep in the Tierradentro landscape. These underground burial chambers range from 2 to 7 metres in width and are decorated with elaborate geometric designs.


Like many of Colombia’s finest destinations, to reap the benefits of this marvelous place, one has to make a particular effort to get there. As it’s name suggests it is very much in the middle of nowhere and requires a 6 hour road journey from either Popayán or San Agustín. The roads to reach Tierradentro invariably make for an arduous adventure, but those that undertake the journey will be delighted that they did.

We recommend you spend two nights in Tierradentro. The village of of San Andres de Pisimbalá and the archeological park itself have limited tourism infrastructure but a number of simple restaurants and a cute simple hotels.

The spectacular circular walk itself takes a complete day as it takes you up the steep hills to Alto de Aguacate from where there is an incredible view across the Inza Valley. After a break for lunch close to the museum one descends again back to San Andres de Pisimbalá.

Take a look at our popular round trip The Colombian Heritage Experience to see how Tierradentro fits into a broader itinerary in the Colombian South.

Use our contact forms to plan your perfect trip to this highlight of Southern Colombia, we organise transfers To Tierradentro from Popayán, Neiva or San Agustín as well as accommodation in the simple yet charming posada accommodation on offer at the destination. After your stay in Tierradentro we organise onwards transfers to the destination of your choice

Sport Barú Hotel, Isla Barú

Independetly owned Hotel Sport Barú is our preferred option for comfortable stays on Cartagena‘s beautiful Isla Barú

Sport Barú makes for the perfect two or three day escape for couples and families, with authentic island accommodation, the perfect location for making the most of the pristine white beaches, and a host of nearby activities to take advantage of.

The hotel maintains an intimate ambience with just 14 rooms offering a choice of family suites, junior suites and standard rooms. The hotel’s restaurant and bar is located on the beach itself and specialises in seafood and international flavours.


The Colombian Way plans your trip from start to end and takes the hassle out of making your own arrangements for marine transfers.

Your launch will depart from Cartagena Marina at 9am and within approximately 45 minutes you will arrive at the resort. We recommend a stay of two nights at Hotel Sport Barú.

Whilst there, take advantage of the amenities and activities which include spa services at the hotel and various nearby facilities providing kayaking, sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing.

On your final day your motor launch will return you to Cartagena Marina for a late afternoon arrival.

Price includes

The price shown on this page is per person based on two people sharing a standard double room and includes.

  • Welcome drinks
  • 2 nights accommodation and full board inclusive meals
  • Return transfers from Cartagena Marina to Isla Barú in a rapid motor launch
  • All port taxes, hotel taxes, hotel insurance fees and tourism taxes

Additional options

Available to plan locally with the hotel

  • Diving courses
  • Day trips to Islas del Rosario and Playa Blanca

Use our contact form to begin planning your own island getaway


Capurganá has a lot to offer the adventurous traveller. Located in the Caribbean close to the border with Panama it is more than just idyllic Caribbean beaches.

Its spectacular topology puts it at the base of the foothills of the Baudó mountain range in Cabo Tiburón. A perfectly unique setting adjacent to the turquoise and cobalt waters of the Caribbean.

The region is located close to the Darien Gap, the thick jungle which separates North and South America. In the off season, the area offers unsurpassed remoteness and tranquility, expect to have whole Caribbean beaches to yourself.

You would normally arrive in Capurganá by air. The town itself has an airport served from Medellín, alternatively it is possible to use other nearby airports from Bogotá combined with bus routes or transfers.


Capurganá is not just a destination for tropical beach bugs, there are a great many activities that we are able to offer in this destination such as sailing, boat visits to Sapzurro and La Miel on the Panama border, a visit to the la Diana waterfalls to see the Black Howler monkeys. Other options include horse riding and walking.

Thirty minutes south from Capurganá is Playa Soledad a pristine white beach that makes the perfect haven for snorkelling and enjoying the underwater world of coral, tropical fish and stingrays.

On the way to Playa Soledad you pass Bahia de Pinorroa and Isla de los Pájaros, a popular breeding ground for birds.

For many, the highlight of a trip to Capurganá is a sailing trip to the San Blas Islands, the home of the indigenous Kuna Indians. The Archepelago of San Blas consists of over 300 small islands and is famous diving spot.

However you want your Capurganá programme, relaxed or adventurous, let us know and we will put together your package tailored to your requirements. Use our contact form to start planning your trip.


The price shown on this page represents our best deal package and is per person based on two adults sharing a double room for 2 nights during low season. Price shown includes breakfast and evening meal each day.


Santa Marta’s neighbour, this formerly unassuming little fishing village now has become a uniquely Colombian seaside destination in its own right.

Taganga is still a fishing village and villagers help bring in the catch and shore up the boats of an evening, but in recent years Taganga has seen a far greater share of its income come from tourism.

Taganga has often been perceived as a destination that is overwhelmed by backpackers. This is not true, whilst Taganga has a nice mix of international tourists, the majority of visitors are Colombian families there to enjoy the beach and the ambience. It is a very compact town with a seafront spanning only about 8 short blocks. During the day visitors flock to the beach to enjoy the sun, have a beer in a beach bar, splash around in the water and enjoy a fresh fish lunch.

By night Taganga turns into a relaxed but bustling seaside village with a happy mix of locals, Colombian visitors and international tourists. There are a few bars in the village, but many prefer to buy refreshments from the store and drink al fresco on the sea wall or even the beach. Altogether this makes for a happy evening atmosphere. Don’t under-estimate how small Taganga is and don’t be surprised if you see the same groups of people a dozen times in the same night.

For us, Taganga is honest and humble fun with its feet firmly planted in Colombian costeño culture.

Thanks to the tourism that the village attracts, Taganga has built up a reputation for its diving so for diving fans, it is a great stop off between Santa Marta and Parque Tayrona, it is even possible to commence the hike to Ciudad Perdida from there.


Taganga is an ideal option for anyone wanting to avoid the remoteness of some of our other Santa Marta and Tayrona accommodation options. Consider adding Taganga as a stopover to use as a launchpad for a day trip to Parque Tayrona or even a side trip to Minca

We offer private transfers from Santa Marta airport and can also arrange collection from Cañaveral. Ask your driver to point out Pescaito on the way through Santa Marta. It is a simple and unassuming neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city but unusually it is the origin of a disproportionately high number of Colombian national footballers including Colombian legend Carlos “Pibe” Valderrama.

Taganga has a number of hotel options, however, the accommodation we offer in our Taganga package is somewhat special and a firm favourite of The Colombian Way. We offer well appointed private apartments that are situated just 20 metres from the beach and feature modern furnishings, complete kitchens, flat screen televisions, wifi, music systems and a roof terrace with beach loungers.

We will gladly offer suggestions and make reservations for you to wile away the hours in the area, check out the diving, go on a boat trip in the bay or party the night away in a disco. We are also able to offer suggestions for restaurants & waffle houses in the village for great breakfasts and dinners.


The price shown on this page is an illustration of our best deal accommodation in Taganga. It is based on two people sharing an apartment for two nights and does not include breakfast.

Use our contact form to start planning your trip to Taganga


Breathtaking Cartagena is one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America. Above the historic city walls stands the Tower of San Pedro Claver. The charm of Cartagena is at times overhwelming, historic sites, narrow cobbled lanes and a bustling streetscape. Cartagena exudes the exotic charm of a Caribbean city.

Numerous high quality restaurants and hotels await you in the city, Cartagena is arguably the city most geared towards mainstream tourism in Colombia, a status readily endorsed by the international cruise liners that are making Cartagena a unique and unforgettable stopover in their itineraries.

In 1984 the walled city of Cartagena was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Set behind those walls lies the imposing San Felipe Fortress, the perfect spot to watch the sun go down across the old town. If you prefer your sunsets with a cool tall cuba libre to hand, then check out the Café del Mar and watch as the sun slips below the horizon across the Caribbean.

After dark enjoy an evening at the Plaza Santo Domingo against the backdrop of the vallenato music that is typical of the Caribbean coast. Each night the unique atmosphere of Cartagena descends upon its colonial streets.

A sensational range of excellent boutique hotels awaits you. Typically built within large colonial houses set around multiple communal patios and courtyards, a journey to Cartagena truly is a journey back in time to the colonial era.

For all but the most ardent bus-fanatic, your arrival will be by air at Cartagena’s well appointed international airport. There is roughly one flight each hour from Bogotá’s El Dorado airport.


  • Do not underestimate Cartagena’s sunshine, especially at lunch time. Always wear a hat, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and don’t forget a high SPF sunscreen.
  • Cartagena is Colombia’s most famous destination for not only international tourists but also for Colombian nationals. Especially around Easter and Christmas Cartagena becomes busy and the hotels book out rapidly. We urge you to plan well ahead for your visit to the city.


Cartagena is the perfect place to do precious little apart from soak up the ambience, relax and have yourself a cocktail. We would encourage you to base your visit around one of the colonial hotels in the walled city, and consider combining your stay with a city tour.

Also consider building Cartagena into a larger itinerary. Direct flights to Cartagena are available from both Bogotá and Medellín and it is common for holidaymakers to travel overland afterwards to Santa Marta and Tayrona before returning to Bogotá or elsewhere.

Heritage and architecture buffs should consider heading inland to Mompox, another UNESCO world heritage site and recently voted Colombia’s most photogenic pueblo.

Such is Cartagena’s popularity that it appears in six of The Colombian Way’s round trips. The Colombian Beach Hopper, The Colombian Extreme Adventure, The Colombian Pacific Explorer and our most popular tour The Colours of Colombia.

  • Cartagena is a wonderful place to do nothing, but to go deeper into the city’s history, we recommend a city tour.

Cartagena has far more opportunities for activities than we have listed on our website, contact us to ask also about fishing trips, craft workshops, snorkelling, kayaking, camping and horse riding.


The headline price on this page is for two adults sharing double accommodation for 3 days/2 nights in Cartagena’s historic Getsemaní district. It does not include flights or transfers. Use our contact forms to ask us about boutique hotels and other accommodation options in the city.

Caño Cristales

Note: The Caño Cristales season runs from mid May to the start of December. It is not possible to book tours outside of these dates

Deep in the Colombian Llanos is a mountain called La Serrania de la Macarena, from this mountain a stream originates which later in its journey evolves to become what is commonly known as the world’s most beautiful river. That river is Caño Cristales.

Caño Cristales is a landscape stretching across several tributaries of the river where the aquatic plant Macarena Claveria is found. The underwater plants produce a spectacular kaleidoscope of almost psychedelic colours.

From deep greens to reds, back to green, to dark orange, all juxtaposed with the deep blue of the river’s waters. This display of colours in both branches of the river is what brings tourists flocking to Caño Cristales.

Due to the low elevation the climate is hot and tropical with brief and intense storms. After such a storm is when a trip to Caño Cristales is best as the aquatic plants will appear at their most vivid. The best time for travel is from mid May to early December.


  • Yellow fever vaccinations are mandatory. You will be denied services if you are unable to produce a valid certificate.
  • You will need good quality light layered clothes for the daytime and warmer clothes for the night, the area can be very humid. You also need to take a waterproof lightweight coat.
  • Caño Cristales is capacity restricted and only a certain number of permits are issued by NPP La Macarena’s park authority. We recommend early booking to ensure the availability of permits.


In Colombia one seldom finds nature’s marvels within easy reach, so even the journey to Caño Cristales is a formidable experience. Your journey begins in Bogotá from where you travel by bus to Villavicencio, the capital of the Meta department. From there you will travel in a chartered aircraft, depending on the group size, this will be a Cessna or a nostalgic flight in a Douglas DC3.

The flight passes over Colombia’s seemingly infinite Llanos plains interwoven with the Amazon’s tributaries. The total flight time is about 40 minutes before you reach your stopover in the village of La Macarena. This part of the Meta department has a troubled and chequered recent past, once it was a centre of coca production where coca paste was traded in the village’s main square in front of the church. It has only recently become viable as a mainstream safe tourist destination and today, La Macerena is home to a Colombian military base. You will be reminded of the village’s role in the cocaine trade as the village now has a heavy and highly visible military presence.

The trip from Bogotá is a 3 day adventure, the first day is an early morning departure to reach La Macarena by approximately 10.30am. Once checked into your hotel you make your first excursion along Río Guayabero to Caño Cristales.

The second day of your trip you spend the full day visiting whichever branch of the river that you did not visit on the previous day, the third day has an early start with more sightseeing before returning to the airport of La Macarena and taking the plane back to Villavicencio.

Our Caño Cristales plans are all inclusive tours. We do not unbundle services for travellers making their own flight and/or accommodation arrangements.

We also have 1 night, 3 night and 4 night packages to Caño Cristales. Contact us for our full schedule of plans and our informative FAQ about Caño Cristales tours.


The Colombian Way offers the most comprehensively inclusive Caño Cristales package available. Our competitive price shown on this page includes the following.

  • Return air transport from Villavicencio to La Macarena
  • 2 nights in a comfortable hotel in La Macarena village
  • 3 meals per day
  • River and land transfers from La Macarena village to Caño Cristales
  • Expert local guides with a thorough knowledge of the area.
  • Emergency medivac insurance.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are waiting to help you plan your trip to the world’s most beautiful and unique river. Use our contact form to begin planning your trip.

Bahía Solano

Bahía Solano is one of the three main ecotourism destinations on Colombia’s Pacific Coast. We offer stays at the beautiful El Almejal eco lodge located on the waterside. The lodge is adjacent to El Valle, a small and authentic fishing village, the perfect way  for the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The lodge is located immediately upon El Almejal beach, a dark sandy beach typical of the Pacific Coast, immediately behind the beach is lush green dense tropical coastal rain forest. The only way to reach this unspoilt paradise is via aeroplane or boat such is its remoteness.

From July to October, the lodge is an ideal place for spotting the migrating humpback whales, but whales are just one example of the area’s immense biodiversity and Bahí Solano is known for its huge variety of plants and animals. El Almejal also boasts a turtle conservation project, a turtle farm that releases turtles into the wild between September and January. Over the last 16 years, El Almejal has raised and released some 85,000 turtles into the Pacific. The lodge also offers volunteering opportunities for this project, contact us if you would like more information.

The beaches around Bahía Solano are the perfect place for walking and seeing the beautiful forest, tropical plants, wildlife and natural features such as waterfalls. Close to the lodge is the natural park of Utría, home to the Embera Indians. This area is not normally visited by tourists and requires exacting planning, please let us know if you are interested in adding Utría to your trip to Bahía Solano..

All in all, Bahía Solano is the perfect destination for both eco-tourism and unadultered relaxation.

Tips & information

  • The region has particularly high humidity, take a zip-loc bag to keep important possessions dry.
  • Take a torch and batteries with you
  • Travel to the area with a rucksack rather than a suitcase
  • The yellow fever vaccination is obligatory for Bahía Solano
  • The village has fantastic fresh fish caught by local fisherman


We recommend a minimum of 4 nights at the El Almejal lodge, the destination has a small airstrip which is reached from either Bogotá or Medellín. We organise your transfer from the air strip to El Almejal lodge.

You can tailor your own programme to your personal wishes and we will be happy to work through this with you, focus your trip on nature and wildlife, walking and trekking or between July and November you can also include whale watching. Perhaps you want a mix of all three themes, you decide and it can be planned for you.

Don’t forget to include a visit to the turtle conservation project or plan some walks in the jungle. The area is also a hotspot birding destination. Whatever you want, be sure to enjoy the area’s biodiversity to its fullest.

Please use our contact form and tell us how you would like your visit to be.