La Guajira

The Guajira is an area shrouded in mystery, a part of Colombia with virutually no infrastructure and nothing that could be considered “advanced” tourism. But that is what draws La Guajira’s visitors to the zone. If you are looking for a real adventure, then La Guajira is where you will find it.

La Guajira is a desert-like area at in the Northeast of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, the region shares a border with Venezuela and Guajira is home to a town called Maicao which has become a major trading centre for goods smuggled across the border.

The region is inhabited by the Wayúu indians living in typical Rancherias in the vast expanses of the region. They still live by the traditional rules of their own culture, the capital of Wayúu culture is Wayúu Uribia.
A trip to La Guajira usually commences in Riohacha, the capital of the department, from there you can reach the most interesting destinations overland by jeep. Accomodation in the region is simple and practical, either cabins or typical Chinchorro hammocks.
Probably the most notable destination in La Guajira is Cabo de la Vela, here you can see the striking contrast as the desert becomes an incredible Caribbean beach, then slopes away into the turquoise sea.
The region is inhabited by the Wayúu Indians. It is offering to walk along the beaches. Such a thing as “Pilon de Azucar”.

Other attractions include the salt mines of Manaure and the flamingo reserve.
For those in search of something really special, there is Alta Guajira. The region cannot be travelled to as an individual as there is insufficient transportation, you need a local guide with a good knowledge of the area and a jeep. When it rains the few roads that there are become poor and impassable. A tour to Alta Guajira requires precise planning and preparation.


  • Temperatures can rise up to about 40 degrees celcius. Drink plenty of water and wear a hat. As always in Colombia, a high SPF sun block is important too.


The tour begins in either Riohacha or Santa Marta and we recommend a tour of at least 3 days if visiting the region. Subject to your wishes, your tour will almost certainly include Cabo de la Vela from where visits to Manaure and the flamingo reserve can be added.

For the true exlorer within, we absolutely recommend a visit to Alta Guajira too to see an absolutely unspoilt, untouched and largely undiscovered part of Colombia. A spectacular adventure with unforgettable destinations awaits you, the magnificent National Park Macuira, deserted beaches and unique landscapes.

You should allow 4 days to visit Alta Guajira, the roads can be bad and it can take some time between sites, but there is plenty to see there to keep you busy for more days if your itinerary permits.

There is no “off the shelf” Alta Guajira, all packages are individually organised and planned for you in a tailor made manner. Your accodation will be simple, your trip may be exhausting due to the temperatures, but it will be the trip of a lifetime.
La Guajira promises everything to satisfy the explorer within you, We organise your trip from head to tail, including your personal driver, a jeep and a guide.
Use our contact form to tell us what you want to do there and how much time you have to do it.