Bogotá is the capital, international metropolis and cultural melting pot of Colombia. The city suffered for many years due to rapid population expansion. Then from the mid 1990’s onwards, with a bit of political will from the mayor, and financial resources from the central government, huge leaps forward were made in terms of Bogotá’s infrastructure, cleanliness, safety and general outlook. Part of this concerted development was the implementation of the city’s TransMilenio system, a modern and innovative bus rapid transport system whose success and economy has been copied by many other cities.

Bogotá is described by many as the Athens of Latin America, mainly because of the large number of universities and libraries. Bogotá is also Colombia’s main cultural centre, hosting events such as the annual theatre festival and Rock en Parque, a free open concert held once a year which lasts several days and takes place in the leafy Parque Simon Bolívar.

Bogotá boasts an incredible night life, with an international bar scene, gourmet restaurants and many nightclubs which regularly attract international DJs.

The city is the starting point for many travellers on their journey through Colombia. The El Dorado airport is the largest in the country and offers flights to and from Europe with Lufthansa, Avianca, Iberia and Air France,  connections to the USA with American Airlines, Continental, LAN, Avianca, JetBlue & Spirit and connections to the rest of Latin America with Avianca, LAN, TACA, TAM, Aerogal and Copa Colombia.

We recommend you to book a hotel in the colonial town of La Candelaria. The Candelaria is the heart of the city’s oldest neighborhood. Chorro de Quevedo perched at the top of La Candelaria is the place where the city was founded. In recent years, numerous hotels have been built in old colonial style houses and art deco buildings.

La Candelaria is also home to the outstanding Museum of Fernando Botero. One of the most important art collections in Latin America. The nearby Plaza Santander is where the impressive gold museum is found, this has been beautifully refurbished and offers not only a fascinating insight into the history of the Colombia, but also a glimpse into primitive metallurgy.

Of course we also organize modern hotels in the north if that is your travelling style. With or without airport transfers.

Bogotá features in most of our Colombia trips, if you are just passing through then be sure to make the most of your time there. At the very least go to the top of Monserrate by cable car, funicular or footpath and take in the incredible views of the city.

Gastronauts should consider a visit to the quirky restaurant “Andres Carne de Res”. The old restaurant is found in the suburb of Chía, or it has a new sister restaurant in the Zona Rosa. A comical, boozy and perfectly Colombian night awaits you.

Business travel

Bogotá is also Colombia’s principal destination for business travellers. We are happy to organise hotels in Bogotá’s business districts for you and to arrange secure airport transfers and car services. We hope that you will also have a chance to see the city if you are lucky enough to have some downtime.


Bogotá offers numerous sightseeing opportunities, we’d recommend a city tour around La Candelaria, the imposing Plaza Bolívar and the capital’s most important museums. Following the walking tour a trip to El Cerro de Monserrate to take in the view of the city. Traditional Colombian dining options are available both in the old town and atop Monserrate. A city tour takes from 5 hours to a whole day.

For the visitor with an interest in architecture and Colombia’s recent violent history we can offer a city tour with an architectural bent. The post-modern and art deco infill willingly tell tales of more turbulent times during the Bogotazo and the ensuing Violencia. The casual visitor is unlikely to know that Le Corbusier left his thumbprint all over Bogotá with his masterplan for reconstruction and his work with Rogelio Salmona.

Also high on your list of must visit places is Bogotá’s Botanical Garden, a tranquil haven betwixt the grey of the city that replicates all of Colombia’s many climates and plant habitats

In the vicinity of Bogotá we also offer a broad selection of day trips, for example the Sacred Laguna of Guatavita, a spectacular lake nestled in a lanscape that resembles a volcanic crater. Nearby the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, a huge cathedral built within a former salt mine. Want to know more about the salt mines? Then a visit to the spectacular Salt Mines of Nemocón must surely be on your itinerary too.

For nature lovers we recommend a trip to the Cloud Forest of Chicaque, a nature park just beyond Bogotá’s Soacha district, an ideal place for a light to moderate trek or horse riding. Or visit one of the local Andean Páramo landscapes in either Sumapaz or Chingaza, both of which can be visited in one day from your base in Bogotá.

For the adventure traveller, river rafting, rappel and paragliding are also available within the vicinity of Bogotá, or perhaps you would like to brush up your rock climbing skills at an indoor wall before heading on to more challenging climbs elsewhere in Colombia. If you are a solo traveller, we organise active hikes each and every Sunday offering you the chance to not only get to know some of Cundinamarca’s most impressive landscapes but also to meet like-minded people.

For those interested in knowing where their morning cup of coffee starts life, nearby Fusagasuga is home to one of Colombia’s finest coffee haciendas, it is a wonderfully preserved working coffee farm where you will receive an introduction to the world of coffee cultivation

Prefer to take things a little easier? Then check out the thermal baths at Choachí, or add the thermal baths on to the end of a hike to the country’s highest waterfall in the Choachí valley

Still awake after all that? Then ask us to take you on a nightlife tour in the centre, the north or the Chapinero district

Please use our contact form and let us know exactly what you want to see. We can organize your stay in Bogotá for you any which way you like. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.