The Mud Volcano of Totumo

This is a day trip available from Cartagena


A mud volcano is a geological phemonenon, a bit like a real volcano but with warm mud instead of lava. Legend has it that Totumo’s mud volcano used to be a real volcano but was quenched by a priest’s holy water.

It is also alleged that Totumo’s mud volcano has healing qualities, as such the geological phenomenon that is the mud volcano becomes somewhere to climb into and sit in for a while. The mud volcano is popular with locals and tourists alike, many flock to wallow in its mud before washing off in the adjacent lake.

Tour outline

We arrange transport from your hotel in Cartagena and take you to Totumo. You have 2 or 3 hours there to hop in the volcano, bathe in the lake and generally enjoy the muddy ambience before returning to your hotel.

We say…

  • Mud volcanoes are quite common around the northern part of South America, Central America and the southwestern states of the USA. Only in Totumo though are you likely to get the chance to go and sit in one.
  • It’s great fun, so why not?

Price includes

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The price stated on this page includes the following

  • Prices based on a group of 4 people
  • A private driver for up to 6 hours
  • Entry to the volcano

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