The Salt Mines of Nemocón

This is a day trip available from Bogotá


The Salt Mines of Nemocón are an immaculately preserved collection of tunnels and chambers in a former salt mine. The various chambers off the main routes show the history of salt mining all amidst spectacular atmospheric light effects and salt stalagtites and cascadas.

Nemocón itself is a cute colonial pueblo and a worthy destination in itself for a wander and refreshments after visiting the salt mines.

Tour outline

We arrange return transport from your accommodation to Nemocón and wait for you at the salt mines. The tour of the salt mines is guided by an expert.

We say…

  • Although the tour of a former salt mine doesn’t sound enticing, it is a great attraction only 74kms from Bogotá. We love it!
  • Religious? Then go on a Sunday when there is the weekly mass in the church inside the salt mines. Not religious? Then go between Monday and Saturday as there will be fewer people there.
  • Check our Flickr gallery on the right. The salt mines is a spectacular destination for photography and this tour is available with an expert photographic guide. Unlike the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, this attraction is photography friendly.
  • For a great value day out, consider combining half a day at the salt mines with half a day at Guatavita

Price includes

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The price stated on this page includes the following

  • Prices based on a group of 4 people
  • A private driver for up to 8 hours
  • Entry to the salt mines and an expert guide in Spanish or English


Include a trip to Guatavita on the same day.

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