The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

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The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is arguably one of Colombia’s most famous attractions with over 13 million visitors since its inauguration in 1995. The current salt cathedral is a replacement of the original salt cathedral which was closed as the mines became unstable.

Just 48km outside of Bogotá, the salt cathedral is buried 180m underground in the Zipa hill, a hill named after the Muisca Zipa Cacique that once ruled over the Bogotá savannah.

To construct the cathedral, some 250 thousand tonnes of salt were excavated. The Zipa hill is the world’s largest single deposit of rock salt and salt has always been central to the economy of Zipaquirá and to a lesser extent the Bogotá savannah.

Reverred by many, the Salt Cathedral seldom fails to enchant the visitor that delight in its guided tour through its exquisitely lit chambers, the cathedral itself, the brine museum, the rock climbing wall and the coffee chamber.

Tour outline

We arrange private transport from Bogotá to the Salt Cathedral, the tour of the salt cathedral is included in the entrance fee, which is in turn, included in our day trip

We say…

  • The Salt Cathedral understandably draws thousands of visitors and is one of Colombia’s top attractions
  • Be sure to stop by Zipaquirá town on your trip. Although the town is not officially noted as such, it has Colombia’s most decadent fruit salads in its fruterías
  • Like a beer? Zipaquirá has an increasingly interesting bar scene just off the main plaza, try going to the Salt Cathedral early afternoon and then having a few drinks in Ziapquirá afterwards.
  • For a great value day out, consider combining half a day at the Salt Cathedral with half a day at Guatavita

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  • A private driver for up to 6 hours
  • Entry to the salt cathedral and an expert guide (In Spanish or English)


Include a trip to Guatavita on the same day.

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