Tailor Made for You

The Colombian Way has over 20 packages, 7 round trips and dozens of day trips spanning the length and breadth of Colombia.

All of our round trips and packages are customisable, can be combined, varied and changed to suit your wishes. We have special services for birdwatchers, photographers, walking groups, honeymoon couples and even people that want to disappear.

If you still cannot find exactly what you are looking for then it is probably time to call in our expert seamstresses to stitch together your ideal trip.

When to use our tailor made services?

Special personal requirements:

If you have special dietary requirements, medical or mobility requirements or you simply have exacting personal needs that must be met.

Special destination requirements:

If you have a particular desire to explore a destination that is not listed on our website, please contact us. We are always happy to offer accommodation, personal guide and transport services to off the beaten track destinations in Colombia.

Travelling with children:

Lots of our destinations are great for kids, the Coffee Zone is one of our favourites, Cartagena and her islands also have great tourism infrastructure and activities. By all means get in touch if you are travelling with children and want us to put together a 100% child-friendly itinerary for you.

Special transport requirements:

Be it a horse, a motorbike, a kayak or a private chartered plane, we are ready and waiting to get you there however you want.

Special theme requirements:

Contact us if you want to pursue a theme which we do not list on our website

Special group requirements:

We work with various groups that have exacting needs that fall outside the scope of mainstream tourism. Contact us if your group wants to visit Colombia and needs accommodation, transport and local support services here in Colombia.

Special commercial requirements:

  • Dedicated support for visiting business people, conference and meeting spaces, catering facilities, ad-hoc reprographics, courier services and bilingual translators.
  • Practical logistical support for media enterprises and film crews.

VIP requirements:

Discrete, secure and dedicated services for VIPs and high profile industry leaders.

How to get in touch

Use our contact form or call one of our international phone numbers