Vanishing Acts

Have you ever wanted to disappear off the face of the earth? Leave your shoes on the beach and vanish? Do a Houdini?

Colombia is the perfect place for vanishing acts and The Colombian Way guarantees that if you want to unequivocally and untraceably disappear then we can make it happen.

Why would you want to vanish?

Imagine a place with no traffic, no work phone calls, no petulant spouses, no miserable office manager, no peers that want to know all your business, no judgement, no criticism, no queues, no microwave ready meals for one person, no IKEA scatter cushions. Imagine a place where you can shun consumerism, be at one with yourself, wake up when the sun wakes up, and sleep under the stars.

Has your woman done you wrong? Don’t write a blues song, disappear! Maybe you have humiliated yourself at a family gathering. Well we have just the rock for you to crawl under.

We have all had our patience tested by the superficiality of the 21st century. We have all questioned our routine and wished for something more meaningful yet simpler.

Maybe you are in a relationship that your friends and family don’t approve of, so follow your heart, do the romantic thing and disappear together. Whatever your reason for wanting to vanish, we are ready and waiting to realise your vanishing dreams.

Where can you vanish to?

We aren’t going to tell you that on our website of course. What use is disappearing if your boss can check your browser history and then come and find you?

We have plenty of tempting vanishing options though, from a simple cabin in the jungle, to a farmer’s outhouse, an adobe hut or a hammock in the middle of nowhere.

Let us know exactly how completely you want to vanish. You want somewhere with no internet? No telephone? no electricity? And where money is of no use and you live off the fat of the land? We have the right secret hiding places to satisfy your disappearing desires.

How long can you vanish for?

We will happily make you disappear for anything from a weekend to a lifetime.

If vanishing interests you, then use our contact form to let us know exactly how you’d like to vanish.