Social Projects

We here at The Colombian Way are pretty damn lucky, no doubt you can imagine how much fun it is travelling around all these incredible destinations, eating the regional cuisine, seeing sights that would make anyone’s head spin. Lying on the beaches, swimming in the clear blue seas, rafting, horse-riding, you name it, we get to do it.

We are also lucky to have been raised in countries that seem a lot fairer socially than Colombia, countries that have a safety net in the form of social welfare. Countries where the rich are rich, and the poorer are less so, but there never seems to be such an overt disparity. Countries with no recent history of illegal armed conflict, nor displacement. Countries that simply seem fairer, and easier to have been born into.

You as a visitor are already making a difference, your holiday spend, be it a bottle of beer, a souvenir, accommodation or whatever puts more money into the Colombian economy. Read on if you want to do more or if you want to know how visiting Colombia with The Colombian Way benefits those less fortunate than you and us.


We think it stinks that if you genuinely want to come to Colombia and give up your time to help out anywhere then the first thing volunteering agencies do is ask you for money. Yes genuine volunteering opportunities are few and far between in Colombia. We will do our best to put you in touch with them if you are hoping to volunteer in Colombia.

Read more about volunteering opportunities

Kiva micro-finance

The Colombian Way is a member of the Flyer Talk Kiva lending team, a group of over 300 travel fanatics that has helped almost 8000 budding entrepreneurs in developing countries with loans totalling US$280,000. Our company focuses on contruction and technology projects in Latin America.

It’s great fun being the banker so why not get involved, learn about international micro-finance initiatives and join our team?