Where to go

Colombia offers a remarkable variety of regions, climates, ethnicities, cultures, fauna and flora. As such, the question “Where to go?” can not be answered readily. The country has a large variety of regions which are safe to travel to and ready to astound the visitor according to their personal preferences.

Whether it be the sunshine and lifestyle of the Caribbean coast, the nature and biodiversity of the forest and jungle regions, the Andean highlands or even remote glaciers. We can help you plan and organise your perfect trip exactly the way you want it.

Here are some ideas – We offer all destinations on a modular basis, we can join them together to visit multiple destinations and regions or even offer a complete tour of the whole of Colombia.

Bogota and The Highlands


The city of Bogotá offers numerous attractions and opportunities for visitors and we recommend you visit regardless of where your main destination in Colombia is. Being the capital it is blessed with the country’s finest museums such as the gold museum or the Botero museum. Just outside of Bogotá there are some world class attractions such as the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, and the sacred laguna of Guatavita. You want to keep things simple? Then Bogotá has an incredible botanical garden, colourful and impressive farmers markets, flea markets and even guinea pig racing.

Check out our travel package for Bogotá to give you some ideas, all packages can be tailored to your own wishes.

Other highlights in the Andes highlands region are Villa de Leyva and San Gil and Barichara in the Santander department.

Villa de Leyva is a charming colonial town with handicrafts, excellent restaurants and the largest plaza in the whole of Hispanic America. Take a look at our travel package for Villa de Leyva which includes cosy accomodation options and a wealth of activities.

Charming San Gil is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and offer many opportunities to the adventure traveller such as river rafting. Barichara is often regarded as the prettiest little village in Colombia. It is an excellent starting point for hiking to Guane.

Caribbean coast

The Caribbean coast is colourful, varied and faithful to its African influences. Whether a well maintained beach in Santa Marta or an intense trek to la Ciudad Perdida in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the world’s highest coastal mountain range. The possibilities in the coast are diverse and only limited by your own imagination. See our travel package details for Santa Marta and La Ciudad Perdida to see what we can offer you in these destinations.

For the more adventurous traveller, how about planning a trip to the Guajira Desert along with a trip to Cabo de la Vela? We also offer travel to the exotic Alta Guajira which is as far off the beaten track as you are likely to get in Colombia

Cartagena is certainly an unmissable highlight if your interests are colonial heritage and city life. It is ideal as a honeymoon destination, the perfect location to round off a trip to somewhere else in Colombia or a tourism mecca to visit on its own merits. You can even tie in a trip from Cartagena to Mompox, a designated world heritage site.

Maybe you’d be interested in the colourful Barranquilla with its famous annual festival. We organise special trips to this event every year in February.

Also along the Caribbean coast you have the Gulf of Morrosquillo, a haven of tranquility seldom visited by foreign tourists, an idyllic place that offers the visitor glorious Caribbean beaches, tall palm trees and plenty of sunshine. .

The Caribbean Islands

San Andrés

San Andrés and Providencia, the two Colombian Caribbean islands. Both islands are wonderful in their own way and are ideal for relaxation. Both islands can also be combined in one visit. San Andres (travel module) is the more popular of the two islands. It is often visited by Colombians. At peak season, Christmas and Easter for example, the hotels are always full so you are urged to book well in advance.

A perfect destination for beaches, water sports and diving. Providencia is the ideal location. Visit Providencia if your want something truly special and exclusive.

The islands offers beautiful Caribbean style hotels, green mangrove forests, pristine white beaches, crystal clear waters and spectacular underwater scenery for diving and snorkeling.

Pacific Coast

The Pacific coast is markedly more “undiscovered” than the Caribbean coast but also offers something special to the traveller that wants to walk the road less travelled. Between July and October is the humpback whale migration season and Gorgona with its unique marine biodiversity offers world class diving opportunities. See our travel package for Gorgona for details.

Nuquí a small town on the Pacific coast has a magnificent lodge called El Cantil, it is an ideal setting for walks along the dark sandy Pacific beaches or an ideal spot to surf or go diving.

We recommend a visit to Bahia Solano where there is a wonderful eco-lodge and turtle conservation project. The Pacific coast is certainly one of Colombia’s key regions for nature lovers and those who want to enjoy the more tranquil remote parts of Colombia.

The Colombian South


The South of Colombia is where you will find Colombia’s archeological highlights. See our travel package for San Agustín to see all it has to offer. Splendid hotels and fincas located just outside the town and the impressive archeolgical park with its famous sculptures.

Another destination option in the region is a visit to Laguna de Magdelena which is reached by a spectacular 3 day trek, or in a jeep for the less physical.

San Agustin’s Rio Magdelena also presents visitors with superb sporting activities such as river rafting.

Visit our Tierradentro travel package page to discover more about this fascinating site, less well known than San Agustín but nonetheless a unique destination in its own right. Magnificent scenery and incredible hiking opportunities.

Tierradentro is the home of the Paéz Indians and is the second UNESCO world heritage destination located in the South of Colombia, it is 6 hours away from San Agustin by road and offers equally spectacular cultural experiences.

Our travel package to the Colombian South combines the Tatacoa Desert with both Tierradento and San Agustín giving the traveller not only both archeological experiences but also the spectacular sand dunes and landscape of the desert.

In the Cauca province is Popayan, with its beautiful old town, Popayan is known as the White City thanks to its whitewashed buildings and is famous for its Easter processions.

Cali is the Colombian capital of salsa, nightlife and sugar cane. We offer excursions to sugar cane plantations in Paraiso and Piedechinche. In Cali itself you must check out the Feria de Cali, this takes place annually between Christmas and New Year.

Between Pasto and Ipiales you will find the unique church of Las Lajas wedged in a valley, we can organise that for you as an excursion from Pasto. For a romantic getaway we offer the breathtaking scenery of Laguna Cocha where you can spend the night in a beautiful Swiss Chalet.

Amazon and Los Llanos

A vast expanse of Colombia consists of never ending jungles and plains. Leticia is the capital of the Amazonas province and the gateway for all visits into the Amazon jungle.

Be it a lodge stay or a tour of the Amazon’s highlights, we can organise it for you. Additionally we have recommendations in Los Llanos (The Plains) which we can organise for you. Please contact us and let us know which destinations in Los Llanos and Amazonas you are interested in visiting. If you would like to explore this area but need ideas then we will gladly offer suggestions and travel advice for the region.


Valle de Cocora

Colombia has three ranges of the Andes mountains affording great trekking walking and climbing opportunities for the energetic traveller. On the coast, we offer tours to Ciudad Perdida which entails 5 or 6 days of trekking through the lush forests of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Ciudad Perdida is the birthplace of Tayrona culture.

The Coffee Zone with its lush green valleys, friendly ambience and coffee culture rightly deserves its place as one of Colombia’s most popular destinations. The area with its vast and safe open spaces is excellent for families and offers numerous day trip possibilities to occupy children and adults aike such as Recuca, Salento & Cocora, Hacienda Venecia and the Thermal Springs of Santa Rosa

To the North of the Coffee Zone is Medellín, Colombia’s second city and the capital of Paisa culture. Medellín is a forward-thinking city which since the death of Pablo Escobar has reinvented itself, has Colombia’s most extensive integrated public transport system, is pioneering in terms of social reform and is offers a slick uptown district with an international feel.